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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hard To Love

Hey guys.  It's been a really long time...and I'm really sorry for that.  Things have been crazy, especially school.  Anyways....HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!  JOYEUSE SAINT VALENTIN!  JE VOUS AIME TOUS!

How's your Valentine's Day going, huh?  :)  Mine's alright, thanks.  I know that you probably don't care, but I felt like sharing anyways, so now you know!  I'd like to know how Valentine's Day is going for all of you though!  Feel free to leave that in a comment or something.  :)

So, in case you guys didn't know, it is okay to not have a Valentine on Valentine's Day.  I don't, not that means anything to you but still.  I mean, I have my dog, but I don't think that counts.  I've listened to a lot of people complaining about how they have no Valentine or no date or whatever.  That isn't the point.  Not at all.  So long as you have family and friends, what more could you need?  Another thing, if you're happy with yourself, you don't need anyone else to make you happy.  If you do need someone else in order to be happy, you should really think about that, because when it comes down to it, you should be able to be happy with yourself as the person that you are.  Be happy with yourself, it makes all the difference.  I promise. 

Guys, big news.  I AM GOING TO THE LUKE BRYAN CONCERT NEXT MONTH.  Well, it's 36 days to be completely exact, March 22nd.  I am so excited!  Like you have no idea how excited I am!  It is going to be amazing!  Thompson Square and Florida Georgia Line are opening for him....oh my gosh.  That's like two more sets of people that I love, PLUS LUKE BRYAN.  Oh, Luke Bryan.  He's something, that's for sure. 

Speaking of music, I promised you guys to show you some of the music that I listen to, and that I really love.  I thought that it might be cool for me to share with you the songs that I have recently listened to, whether that be on Youtube or from my personal cache of music.  So, here's the last ten songs I've listened to:
  1. Cruise - Florida Georgia Line
  2. Hard To Love - Lee Brice
  3. Don't Want This Night To End - Luke Bryan
  4. Cowboys and Angels - Dustin Lynch
  5. The One That Got Away - Jake Owen
  6. Only Way I Know - Jason Aldean, feat. Luke Bryan and Eric Church
  7. Save A Horse - Big and Rich
  8. Don't Leave - Ministry of Magic
  9. Saving Unity - Everember
  10. Flyover States - Jason Aldean
Right now, I am currently listening to Real Good Man by Tim McGraw.  Just so you all know, I love Tim McGraw.  He's great too.  :)  Now looking over this post, I'm realizing that it's a bit odd, and kind of random, but I never promised that it wouldn't be. 

I hope you all are having an absolutely amazing Valentine's Day!  I hope that you are spending time with those who love you, or at least have talked to them if you can't be with them!  If you're determined that absolutely nobody loves you or is thinking about you today, then guess again, because I LOVE YOU ALL!  :)  You are all amazing people, and I am virtually sending you a hug.  Thanks for reading you guys!  I have a surprise for all of you, it should be up this weekend.  So keep an eye out for that! 

On a really serious note, I have a family friend who had been cancer free for about a year now.  Well, recently she was diagnosed with her brain cancer again, but this time on both sides, instead of just one like the first time.  If you would please keep her in your thoughts and in your prayers, I would really appreciate that and that would mean a lot. 

 Have a good day!

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