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Friday, August 24, 2012

Girls and Gaming.

Hello everyone! 

This post is something I've been really wanting to talk about, girls and gaming.  I don't mean seperately I mean girls who are gamers, like myself, or girls who are totally against gaming and/or against girl gamers. 

Okay.  I know I've said it before I am a female gamer.  I love my Xbox.  Love it.  I am a huge Skyrim fan.  Skyrim is fantastic!  If you haven't played it, go get it.  Now.  It is amazing!  I also really like the Resident Evil series.  I'm super psyched for Resident Evil 6 to come out!  Other games that I like a lot are the Left 4 Dead games, Ghost Recon, Tomb Raider, Sims, Final Fantasy, Dante's Inferno, and because of my cousin, COD.  Recently, all I have been playing is Skyrim.  Oh!  I know this isn't for Xbox, but Kingdom Hearts.  If you don't know what Kingdom Hearts is you are totally missing out.  They games out now are for PlayStation 2, but still!  Those games are the reason I haven't sold my PS2.  I'm so psyched for Kingdom Hearts 3!  If it's coming out for PS3 only, I will by a freaking PlayStation 3 to play it.  My next post will probably be a KH post, so keep an eye out for that!  At some point I want to get in to PC gaming, but I don't really have the funds for that right now.  But I digress. 

I think girls who are gamers are awesome.  I think that it's great.  I wish more girls were!  Right now, I think I only know two girls who are gamers.  One of them would be my most lovely cousin who I adore.  She's an Xbox person like myself.  (She also has an awesome vlog.  Her channel name is MissKingLady.  Check it out. :) )  The other would be a very good friend of mine, whose name I shall not disclose, but she's a PC gamer and she's flipping amazing.

Now, I 've seen a lot of stereotypical attitudes towards girls who game, well gamers in general actually.  I've noticed that to a good majority of people, gamers appear to be either freaky, creepy, no-life, losers or they're teenage guys.  Yes, I know that people like that do game, but that doesn't mean all people who game are like that.  A lot of people who game are normal, decent people.  A gamer can be absolutely anyone!  Just because I game or someone else games, that doesn't mean anything.  Give it a chance people.  Just because someone is a gamer, you can't just assume something about them.  Stereotypes are stupid.

Ok guys, listen up. I've noticed that a lot of guys who are gamers think that girls play at a lower standard than they do.  I would beg to differ.  I have a friend who told me that he was better, in general, at Skyrim than myself, simply because he is a guy.  That irritated me.  A lot.  Anyone can be good at gaming, and anyone can suck at gaming.  Is it possible for a girl to be a better gamer than some guys?  Absolutely.  Is it possible for her to suck?  Yeah.  It is.  The same thing goes for anyone out there who games.  Just because she's a girl, guys, she can and probably does know what she's doing.  This is something different but to quote the words of someone very wise, "Guys, if your girlfriend tells you to get rid of your Xbox, get rid of her.  She's not worth it."  Now to the person who said that, if you read this, that is a lovely bit of advice.  You make me laugh. :)

Now girls, just because another girl games, don't judge her so harshly on that.  I think it's crazy when other girls rag on a girl just cause she does play.  That's not cool.  Sure, she could seem different, and you may think it's weird but give her a chance!  Chances are there are girls you know who do game, and you may not know it.  Girls who game can seem like anyone else or they could totally stand out.  I can't really use myself as an example to say girls who game are just like you, but that's because I'm kind of a lot different....really different.  Like, the majority of the shirts I just got are all Harry Potter or video game related different.  That's okay though!  Be your own person.  Don't be a follower.  That doesn't me you have to be a leader, but just don't be a follower.  Be an individual.  Be unique.  People will like you better that way, as you.  Unless they're stupid, in which case who cares, they're stupid

The last thing I would like to talk about is girls on guys who game.  Don't try to get them to stop.  It is stupid and pointless and stupid.  Don't write them off for gaming either!  Don't be all like "Oh, he's big into gaming.  I don't like him."  No.  Don't do that.  Chances are he's probably a pretty great guy, but you wrote them off for gaming.  Let them game.  It's fine.  Give it a chance.  It's pretty great, no matter who you are.  You especially can't say anything about him gaming if you are big into something that he doesn 't like. 

Well that was all I wanted to say.  Sorry for the short rant, but I just felt like sharing.  Please remember this is my opinion and mine only.  If you feel differently, feel free to comment and tell me what you think, just remember this is what I think.  If you feel the same you can also feel free to comment below and tell me.  If you like the strange and odd things I have to say then keep checking back for more posts! 

I'm looking for game suggestions as well!  I've been told Minecraft by a few people.  Can anyone vouch for that?  Like is it worth getting?  Also, I've got a copy of Dead Space that I haven't played yet, so if anyone reading this has played that let me know about it.  Any other games though that you like?  I'm looking for suggestions!  If you have a game you'd like to suggest then comment below!  I'd really appreciate it!  I'm going to be doing a post on either Kingdom Hearts or Skyrim really soon so check back soon!

A Realization on the Dynamic Duo of Fred and George Weasley.

Hello everyone!  I'm back again!  It's been awhile but things have been crazy!  School is getting ready to start for me and everything is super chaotic but I'm going to be on more regularly from now on, hopefully at least new post per week!  Anyways, I digress! 

Today I would like to talk to you guys about this realization that kind of struck me yesterday.  I've been rereading the Harry Potter series for the millionth time, and I thought of something that I had never thought of before!  My realization actually is pertaining to the Weasley twins! 

Now I would just like to take the time out to tell you all that Fred and George are my favorite characters in the entire series.  I absolutely love them!  They're just so amusing, yet such deep characters with such complex personalities!  I know I got off topic again, but I just felt the need to tell everyone this because I really do love them and have since they first appeared in book one. 

What I realized, though, was that the only times that the Weasley twins are ever harmed are the times when they are apart.  Now I know that seems really crazy, but think about it!  I mean sure they have suffered minor little scuffs or scratches from things like Umbridge's detention together and the likes, but honestly, the only time something major happens to either of them, they aren't together. 

In the Battle of the Seven Potters, which both Fred and George participated in, George lost his ear.  Although Snape hadn't meant to hit George, George was still pretty grieviously injured.  Now since both Fred and George participated as a decoy Potter, they were both seperated.  Both disguised as Harry Potter through the use of Polyjuice potion they each flew with a different person.  Fred went with his father, while George went with Remus Lupin.  After being attacked by Death Eaters, George did indeed lose his ear.  This was the only time George was majorly injured.  Fred was not with him at the time of this injury. 

Then later on, also in the seventh book, was the Battle for Hogwarts.  The twins were put in charge by Kingsley Shacklebolt to take care of all the secret entrances into the castle.  Somehow, at one point in the battle, the two boys got seperated.  It isn't really known how they did, but they were split up all the same.  Fred was fighting alongside Percy, that was about the point that the terrific trio appeared, against several Death Eaters.  Although he did manage to defeat one of them, it wasn't enough.  Fred ended up dead.  When this happened, George wasn't with him.  I don't really know where George was at that point, but he wasn't with Fred.  This was the only time something major like that happened to Fred, and George wasn't present at the time. 

I don't know if this is just me overthinking everything, or a coincedence, or what.  Would it have made a difference if this dynamic duo was together at each of these moments?  I mean let's think it through.  Now if Fred and George were together during the Battle of the Seven Potters, could something have been done differently to prevent George from losing his ear?  Chances are no, but you have to really think about it.  I mean if they had been even slightly over, George would still have both of his ears.  It is possible that if they were together the whole thing could have been avoided.  Now think of it in terms of Fred's death.  What if the twins were still together at that point?  What if they hadn't gotten seperated?  I feel that if they were still together, that Fred's death could have been an avoidable occurence.  I think of it this way.  If they were still together, there would have been another person working with him and Percy against the Death Eaters they were dueling.  Not only that, but I think that Fred and George work so well together it's like two different entities that work so phenomenally well as one person.  I think that who they were fighting with wouldn't have stood a chance with both the twins, plus Percy and the others. 

I know none of this makes any difference in what happens to either of the characters, and I wouldn't try to change J.K. Rowling's stories in any way, but it was just thinking that I've been thinking about and wanted to share with all of you!  Let me know what your opinions are!  Do you agree?  Do you have a completely different idea on this whole thing?  Do you think I'm stupid and this is a dumb theory?  I don't know!  Just let me know what you think!  You tell me!  I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts on this!  So leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

Oh yeah!  Fun fact I wanted to share really quick!  Fred and George Weasley were born on April first, April Fool's Day!  How fitting is that? :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Help Care for the Care Bullies!

Hello everyone!  A lot has been going on lately with something that I feel very strongly about: breed specific legislation.  By feel very strongly about it, I mean that I absolutely hate it.  I would like to talk to you about this, and about what I am doing about this, which I really need your help with!  Please read this, and if you can find it within your heart please help me!  I want to talk about what is happening with breed specific legislation and the dreadful consequences that have resulted from it.  Please read it and gain what you can from it.  The bolded section, however, is where I will be talking about the action I am taking against this, and what I need you to help me with.  I hope this opens your eyes a little more to something that is happening all around us.

For those of you that don't know, breed specific legislation is a law passed by a legislative body pertaining to a specific breed or breeds of a domesticated animal.  A BSL can range from anything from breed restrictions, which means requiring a special licensing on a breed or breeds, to flat out breed bans, which is a total elimination of a breed.  Breed specific legislation's are putting the lives of countless, harmless animals at risk. 

Breed specific legislation is missing the problem entirely though.  The problem they should be targeting is horrible owners.  Any dog can become "vicious" or "aggressive" if they are provoked, harassed, or in a bad living situation.  Just because it is a certain breed, that doesn't mean that it's going to bite someone or hurt someone.  Any dog could do that, not just because it is a certain breed.  That's like trying to say because someone is a certain race or religion they're going to try to harm you.  Will they?  Not necessarily.  Any single person could do that, not just a certain "type" of person.  Dogs shouldn't be targeted because they are a specific breed.  They need to be given a chance.  Everyone deserves there right to live no matter who or what they are, and so do animals. 

If it hasn't hit you quite yet, the breed being targeted the most by these laws are pitbulls and pit mixes.  This bothers me to no end.  Pit bulls get a bad name because of stupid people.  Pit bulls are a very popular breed in dog fighting.  Pit bulls can be vicious if provoked or raised that way.  Are all pit bulls vicious?  Not at all.  Pit bulls and pit mixes are very loyal, amazing dogs.  They can be great family dogs, great companions, great protectors, anything.  They're beautiful, incredible dogs.  Just because stupid people do stupid things and make some of the dogs like that, that doesn't mean that the whole breed are going to be dangerous. 

Breed specific legislation has already claimed the lives of several innocent pit bulls.  Lennox was the first major case to shake the world of breed specific legislation's.  Lennox was a pit bull who lived in Ireland.  Lennox was a family dog and had lived with this family for many years.  Lennox never harmed anybody.  One day the government in Belfast seized Lennox, and Lennox was scheduled to execution.  People all over the world protested and pleaded for Lennox's life to be spared, but to no avail.  Not only did they kill Lennox, but they wouldn't allow Lennox's family to see Lennox before or after she was dead.  Now Lennox lies dead.  Strike one.
Then it was Wicca's turn.  Wicca had a minor altercation with a stranger.  The stranger was not harmed.  The stranger is fine.  That didn't matter though.  It was then decided that Wicca was going to be executed.  For weeks legal challenges and protests were made, but they fell upon deaf ears.  Wicca's owner was devastated as he had to say goodbye to a dog he loved, and he was never to see her again.  Wicca now lies dead.  Strike two
Now it is Dre's turn.  As I write this, a family pet pit bull named Dre is being held in a small cage in a shelter, terrified and confused, waiting to see if he will live or die.  Dre escaped with the family's other dog on accident, a child had hit the garage door opener unbeknownst to the babysitter.  The two dogs escaped and ran scared down the neighborhood.  They barked at people, but  no one was harmed.  The police were called and caught the two animals.  Supposedly it took five police to catch the dogs, but again no one was harmed, not even so much as a scratch.  When Dre's owner got wind of what happened, she went to the shelter to claim her dogs.  The officer there told her that she could take her dog, but that Dre was being held.  Please note that while Dre is a pit bull, the other dog is not a pit bull.  They said that Dre was "aggressive" and "vicious".  No one was hurt in the slightest by this dog, who is beloved by his owner's three daughters.  Dre's owner was outraged.  She was originally told Dre was being held only for a period of time, but now they are scheduling Dre's execution.  They won't even release the dog so his family can see him.  Dre goes on trial August 10th, where the decision will be made if he will live or die.  This beloved family pet could soon being lying dead with the others.  Strike three.
I am outraged with what is happening, and what will continue to happen if nothing is done, all around the world.  I was furious with what happened to Lennox.  Then I found out about Wicca, and my anger rose.  When I heard about Dre, I became fed up.  I decided that I needed to do something.  I was sick of just sitting around knowing that everywhere around the world these innocent creatures were being sentenced to die for no good reason.  I signed the petition saying that Dre's life should be spared.  I will put a link at the bottom of this article to the petition if you would like to sign as well.  Please do.  This poor dog needs all the help he can get.  That isn't necessarily what I'm asking for your help with.  In my area there is a group called the Carolina Care Bullies.  The Carolina Care Bullies are dedicated to saving as many pit bulls and pit mixes as they possibly can.  I was introduced to this group at a Christmas parade, and then personally met them when they came to speak to the Animal Rights group at my school, which I am a part of.  They are phenomenal people with an incredible goal.  They foster as many pitbulls as they possibly can, and find great homes for these sweet creatures.  This is what I need your help with. 

I am holding a donations drive to help out the Carolina Care Bullies.  They appreciate and are thankful for all the supplies they can get to help these dogs.  I wanted to help.  I wanted to make a difference.  If that difference is even a tiny one that helps a dog or saves a dog's life, that is all I could ever ask for.  These dogs need a chance at a life that is usually denied to them by idiots with stereotypes.  I want to help them with their goal of saving every dog they can.  To do that though, they do need the supplies and the money to upkeep their program.  The following things are what they are in need of:
  • Peanut butter
  • Treats, rawhides, and bones
  • Good quality dog food
  • Large dog crates
  • Flea/tick prevention
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Staples/Office Depot gift cards for any amount
  • Wal-mart giftcards for any amount
  • #41 Color Cannon Ink Cartridges
  • Printer paper (colored and white)
  • Paper towels and other cleaning supplies
  • Monetary donations, as medical care is the greatest expense
If you can and want to help by donating any of these things, that would be so greatly appreciated!  It would mean the world, not only to me, but to countless pitbulls and pit mixes all over!  If you can and are willing to donate please let me know!  To contact me, email me at wit.beyond.measure1017@gmail.com, or comment down below. 

 I hope that this showed you how cruel breed specific legislation is.  I want you to think of your dog, or your pet of any type, and think of how you would feel if they were taken from you and killed, just because of what breed they are.  Think of how that would make you feel, what you would want to do about it.  Thank you for taking the time out to read this!  I hope you feel somewhat similar to I do, and that you want to help this cause out as well.  If you would like to sign the petition for Dre you can do so here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/366/919/230/save-dre-a-pit-bull-in-brighton-co-who-has-never-hurt-anyone/?z00m=20375944 . 

Thank you, yet again, for reading and for supporting this!  Well, I hope you're supporting this anyways.  Wishing you all the best!