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Friday, March 29, 2013

Luke Bryan and LeakyCon!

Hello ladies and gents!  I hope you all are having a lovely day!  Before I get on with what I am going to blog about, I just wanted to thank you all!  You have no idea what it means to me to know that people actually read this and respond to it!  I appreciate it so much and I love all of you!  Now on to the feature presentation! 

So, as I mentioned in my last blog, I went to the Luke Bryan concert.  It was last Saturday, which was March 22nd.  I will just be the first to tell you know.....IT WAS AMAZING!  Oh my gosh! It was so fantastic!  I had so much fun, you have no idea!  I'm just going to break it down a little bit and try and express what I thought and felt, that way it is always here. 

For starters, I went to the concert at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville.  I don't know why that's important, but now you know.  It was fully enclosed though, thankfully.  I had made a tank top for the concert, assuming it would be warmer since it would be spring.  That assumption was terribly wrong and it was freezing outside, but I wasn't outside so it turned out alright!  Our seats were decent.  They were in the upper level, but the view wasn't obstructed....until people showed up.  In case you don't know, I'm ridiculously short.  I'm five foot, in case you really want to be specific.  These two beyond wasted couples ended up in front of us and, yep, you called it, they were tall.  I stood on my tip toes for most of it, but other than that our seats weren't bad.  Anyways....moving on! 

Florida Georgia Line opened and as I have mentioned before, I love Florida Georgia Line.  If you ever wonder or worry that someone isn't as good live as they are recorded then let me tell you, they are fan-freaking-tastic live.  They were totally awesome! (If you caught the reference to AVPM in that statement then you are totally awesome by default, of course.)  I was thoroughly happy with their performance and really wished it lasted longer than it did.  My favorite songs by them did translate into my favorites that they performed which were Cruise, Get Your Shine On, and Dayum Baby.  If you don't know who Florida Georgia Line are, I suggest you go listen to them. 

After Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square performed.  They were alright.  I don't dislike Thompson Square.  Honestly.  I don't have anything against them; I just don't particularly love them.  I only know like two of their songs, which probably helped contribute to this apathy I had while they performed.  To put it simply, after seeing Florida Georgia Line perform, I was bored during the Thompson Square set.  If you're a big fan of them, then I'm sorry.  I'm sure you would have gotten a lot more out of their performance than I did, but they aren't the reason why I went, which brings me too...........................

LUKE FREAKIN BRYAN!  (Again, if you caught my reference to AVPS then well done.)  This was the highlight of everything.  Like seriously, everything.  He is an absolutely freaking amazing performer.  I was so impressed.  I'm struggling trying to put into words how extremely happy and impressed I was, and I'm failing miserably.  So please, just hang with me here.  His setlist was amazing.  He covered Metallica, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, and Taio Cruz.  That was one of the coolest things ever.  He brought out a special guest, and that was flipping amazing.  The whole thing was really, really awesome.  Oh also, because I almost forgot, Luke Bryan can dance.  That in itself is ridiculously impressive.  He's just....he is something.  I love Luke Bryan you guys, seriously.  He is just, wow.  That's a good word for it, I feel.  Wow.  He did not disappoint me. not one bit.  I don't know if I could pick out songs like I liked over the others because the whole thing was so amazing but if I had to choose a few Dirt Road Diaries, Drunk On You, Someone Else Calling You Baby, Do I, I Don't Want This Night To End, and Country Girl.  I know that's a lot, but I loved every song he performed, not just those.  Those are just some of my favorites in general.  The whole thing was amazing, and it was just a really fantastic experience.  Oh!  Again, adding a little snippet in!  He makes this like purring noise almost, I guess, when he sings every so often?  Yep.  Let us use that word again, shall we?  Wow. 
All in all, the concert was one of the greatest things ever.  At one point I had to be "babysat" for a short bit of time by a friend because apparently I will get lost if I'm on my own or something.  If you are that person, which you do know who you are I should assume, thanks for making sure I didn't get lost or kidnapped or something.  I apologize for being awkward and awkwardly quiet.  I'm just kind of socially awkward in general.  Anyways, thanks! :)  There are more thanks to be addressed.  Thank you so so much to my parents who got me the tickets for Christmas.  That was probably one of the greatest presents EVER.  I love you guys!  Do you want to know what the other greatest present ever was? 

MY TICKET TO LEAKYCON!  Guys!  LeakyCon is in exactly 90 days from today which is March 29th right now as I write this.  It reached the three month mark the other day!  Oh my gosh!  I'm freaking out!  Thank you so so much to Sam and Brandon for getting me the ticket and being stubborn people who won't let me help out with anything! ;P  I love you guys too!  LeakyCon is going to be so freakin awesome!  MINISTRY OF MAGIC AND ALEX CARPENTER.  I don't know if I can handle myself.  This is too much for me.  Oh, and the Lizzie Bennett Diaries!  I just felt like telling everyone! 

So to finish everything up, if you get the opportunity to attend a Luke Bryan concert, you should go.  Definitely.  Without a doubt.  If you get the opportunity to go to LeakyCon, you should definitely go.  If you're going to LeakyCon Portland you should tell me or something!  :)  Thanks to everyone that made the Luke Bryan concert memorable.  It was ridiculously blissfully amazing.  Thanks to LeakyCon for being LeakyCon.  It is going to be amazing. 

So to finish things up, remember these two things.  1. I love each and every one of you as much as I love Luke Bryan because you have read this entire thing, and I really appreciate that! :) 2.  Play life like Gryffindor plays Quidditch.  Always win!  (Yes, I do understand they don't always win, but come on.  Practically always.) 

You will be hearing from me again very soon as I am on break now!  Thankfully!  Until then though, go check me out on Youtube!  I'm vlogging on there.  :)  Go check me out at: http://www.youtube.com/user/AlwaysTaylorAlways

Have a nice day guys!  Let's finish this up with a quote from Alex Carpenter!  "Until next time, be brilliant!"  :)

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