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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Wonderful World of Skyrim

Oh, Skyrim.  Where do I even begin? 

Well to start, Skyrim is the latest installment in the Elder Scrolls series.  Skyrim is a game with a completely open world and a varying storyline.  There's the main storyline quests that don't really change much, and then so many other quests!  You're given so much freedom to do as you please! 

When you start the game, after a cut scene that flaunts the stunning graphics that Bethesda has put in to this, you design your character.  You get to choose from a freaking ton of races of characters to be, and you can really detail the appearance of your character.  All of the races are really awesome, but I've only ever played as an Imperial, and I just recently made a Nord out of a request from one of my lovely friends.  While each race has its perks, it doesn't really matter in the long run who you choose.  When you level up, it doesn't really matter what race you are.  You can go from there. 

Now the main storyline follows the trail of you, a character of your design and liking, discovering that you're a dovahkiin.  Dovahkiin is a word in the ancient dragon language.  Dov means dragon, dovah means the race of the dragons, and kiin means kind or kin.  So dovahkiin literally translates over into dragonborn.  Alduin, known as the Souleater or Worldeater, has returned, along with all the other dov.  Alduin returning fulfills the prophecy as told in the Elder Scrolls.  Alduin has return signifies the end of the world for all human races.  It is the Dovahkiin's job to stop this from happening. 

Now that you get the gist of Skyrim, I want to talk about finer points of it, and why it is that I spend so much of my free time playing it.  Let's get down to it then!

There are four main guilds you can join: the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood (a group of assassins), the Companions, and the College of Winterhold (which is practically a mage guild).  I do highly suggest joining all of these cause they're freaking awesome!  I personally like the Dark Brotherhood the best, not because I want to be an assassin or anything, but I think the whole armor set and quests are flipping awesome.  Although, I will credit the Theives Guild with having the gauntlets I like best, and if you don't give the skeleton key back then you're set with all lockpicking. 

Anyways I really like the whole open world thing.  I can't stand confined, circuit games.  I mean I can, but I don't prefer them anywhere near open games.  Out of all the free world games I've played though, Skyrim is definitely the best.  The graphics are really, quite nearly flawless.  There's also the limitations that do keep it as realisitic as possible, you know, minus the dragons and most other things.  You can't fall from incredible heights and survive.  You can't hold your breath forever out of water.  You can't just sneak past someone in full daylight, in their line of sight and they won't see you.  It's really fantastic all the little details in the game as well, like the animals that wander around.

Now weapons are pretty different and customizable.  I mean like there are all kinds of weapons from swords, to daggers, to war axes, to war hammers, to bows.  My absolute favorite type of weapon is a bow.  It is what I favor.  I tend to enchant mine, which is a way to customize any of your weapons.  Lately I've been using a Forsworn Bow with a fire enchantment.  Wow.  That sounds really lame, but you know, oh well.  No changing it.  Other than a bow I have one sword that I believe is called a Dawnbreaker from Merida's Beacon quest that I got after completion of said quest.  It is a daedric quest but I really like the sword. 

I don't really know how to even explain or describe Skyrim to you.  I know I did an extremely sucky job on this post, so you can just ignore this one if you like.  I wanted to talk about Skyrim but realized as I tried to write this that I just had no words to describe any of it.  I just suggest if you have an Xbox, go buy it and  play it.  Right now.  I mean like RIGHT NOW!  Go, and once you're back from buying it, you can check back for my next post!  :)

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