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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Death Of A Friend

Hello everyone.  Just recently a horrible tragedy occurred.  I recently lost someone who, I felt, was very close to me. 

That's right everyone, I lost my Skyrim character.  It's awful isn't it?  I had been working on that game since the beginning of July, so practically 2 and  half months now.  Something happened on my last save and the files corrupted.  I had no way of getting back all the time and effort I spent trying to perfect and raise my character. 

I was heartbroken.  I now to get to start again....from the very beginning.  All of my titles and weapons and property...all of it is gone.  It's tragic.  I know I seem horribly strange and disturbed for being this bothered by the events that have come to pass, but you try working that hard and for that long on something for all of it to just be gone in a second. 

Rest in peace, Jessamine, and may the new Jessamine I have created be even better than the first. 

Check back later.  I should hopefully have a new, not tragic post up. 

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